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My West End Debut

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I will be playing guitar and singing back ups for Alan Cumming's one man show, "I Bought a Blue Car Today" in the Vaudeville Theatre on the Strand.  Needless to say, I'm quite psyched.  The show is only running for 6 days, 8 shows and it's selling quick.  It's a great show.  Grab a ticket! 
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            Mar 24, 2009
The London Police ROCK!!!

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I was going to tell the entire story, but I think this letter written to the Borough Commander gives most of the details. I will post the video of the theft in the near future, as it was all caught on camera.
         Attention Borough Commander
         I wanted to write you a note to commend two of your officers. I am an American musician visiting the UK with an artist visa. During a break at my weekly Monday show this week at the Bar Room Bar in Angel, a thief came in and stole the laptop I use to store my sheet music. Apparently, the thief was a regular drug offender and officers Inns and McLennan (336 and 339) recognized him on the street and noticed that he was acting suspiciously. They questioned him and realized that the laptop he was holding was stolen.
         While all of that is good police work, it is not what moved me to write this letter. The officers went above and beyond the call of duty after they apprehended the thief. They turned on the computer and found my name on some of the documents. They then “Googled” my name, found my website, looked for my calendar and figured out where I was performing that night. Before I even reported the computer stolen I had a call from the police telling me it had been recovered. I was able to take it home an hour later. Doing that little bit of extra work made all the difference. They even emailed some of the other musicians who I had contact information for on the computer asking them to contact me in case they couldn’t find me directly.
         I have lived in New York for the past 9 years. I am very proud of the NYPD and the work they do. None the less, when minor property is stolen in the States, even if they catch the culprit, it is quite unexpected to see the stolen merchandise again, especially not on the same day it was taken. To have it returned within hours is unheard of. The extra effort these two officers made to find and contact me was surprising and very appreciated. They were also very friendly and professional when they came to return my computer. I will be telling this story on my myspace and facebook, so a few thousand Americans, Europeans and UK residents are going to hear how efficient and effective the London police are.
         So, congrats on having two great ambassadors on your force. Assuming that the rest of your officers would make similar efforts to find the owner of stolen property, I feel very safe for the rest of my stay in London. Please thank officers Inns and McLennan for me again and thank you for commanding and commending them.